[MCN] Assessing the future of mountain goats in Montana

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Tue Jul 10 12:00:29 EDT 2018

Addressing Future Management of Mountain Goats in Montana
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has initiated a Structured Decision Making  process to address the future management of mountain goats in the state. North Central CASC researchers participated in a working group meeting on this topic to present science on the changing climate in the region, including ongoing changes to the snow regime, as well as approaches for considering climate change in examining possible impacts to mountain goats in the future. 
Learn more >> <https://casc.usgs.gov/content/addressing-future-management-mountain-goats-montana> https://casc.usgs.gov/content/addressing-future-management-mountain-goats-montana <https://casc.usgs.gov/content/addressing-future-management-mountain-goats-montana>

“Increasing air temperature, through its influence on soil moisture, is expected to cause gradual changes in the abundance and distribution of tree, shrub, and grass species throughout the Northern Rockies, with drought tolerant species becoming more competitive.”

Chapter Five, “Effects of Climate Change on Forest Vegetation in the Northern Rockies”, in Climate Change and Rocky Mountain Ecosystems, 2018, J.E. Halofsky, D.L. Peterson (eds.). 

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