[MCN] ChickTech tech/coding event -- please nominate HS students!

Smai Fullerton smai.fullerton at chicktech.org
Sun Oct 21 17:22:49 EDT 2018

My name is Smai and I'm the outreach manager with ChickTech in Missoula
We're a volunteer-run nonprofit in town working to create hands-on
activities, mentoring opportunities, and career exposure in the tech field
for girls, teenagers, and women.

*We're hosting a free event for high schoolers on Saturday, December 1st in
Missoula at the University of Montana.* It's 100% free for students to
participate and spend the day in one of our workshops building web apps,
mobile apps, or physical circuits. *To help us connect girls with tech
opportunities, could you please nominate high school students to take part
in this December event? *

An individual student nomination form is available here
a bulk student nomination form is available here
either one is fine, the bulk one is simply more convenient and faster to
fill out with multiple students. *Please submit your nominations by
November 5th, 2018 to give us time to send out registration packets.*

In April, we had our first kickoff event at Salish Kootenai College and
brought over 20 teens together to spend the day doing hands-on technology
workshops with their peers from across Montana. My favorite quote from one
of our attendees was about how she could feel the jump in confidence
happening in the room --* “I could see it around me too. Girls being like,
‘oh, I don’t know if I can…’ and then they learned they could. It was so
cool.”* :-)

We are particularly motivated to reach students who may not self-identify
as 'computer people' but who would gain a lot from the exposure to tech,
coding, and problem-solving, guided by some empowering and awesome women
technologists in Missoula. *You are welcome to nominate any student you
feel would benefit from our program.*

Please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to pass this email
along to anyone who may have students to nominate for this opportunity.

Smai Fullerton
School & Community Outreach Manager
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