[MCN] you will know

Rich Gold goldrich at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 9 12:18:52 EDT 2019

There is a certain dis-connect in my day
i know i woke up this morning
it's obvious if looking eyes open
but seeing is a different matter
thinking through the muddle
and feeling is around me, touching
yet i feel not present
here in my body, this place
that has always been sacred
still remains so
and i can do no thing to be part
this morning
but type these words
and send them on the ether
releasing my troubled feelings
and thoughts
that these fingers might find
your fingers
and arms
and shoulders
and head
and brain
and our thoughts will touch
across this ether
and then
you will know ...

rick gold
missoula, mt 59802
local professional house - sitters
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