[MCN] "Greens would be right at home" with Adam Smith's vision of capitalism

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Mon Jul 22 18:12:34 EDT 2019

The lost chances of the Greens, parts II and III <https://www.resilience.org/stories/2019-07-21/the-lost-chances-of-the-greens-parts-ii-and-iii/>
By Brian Kaller, Restoring Mayberry

Interview with the late Rhoda Gilman, one of the early leaders of the Green movement. She talks about the origins of the Greens and Adam Smith's vision of capitalism. "If we were living in Adam Smith’s world, we wouldn’t be doing badly at all; the Greens would be right at home.”

July 21, 2019

https://www.resilience.org/stories/2019-07-21/the-lost-chances-of-the-greens-parts-ii-and-iii/ <https://www.resilience.org/stories/2019-07-21/the-lost-chances-of-the-greens-parts-ii-and-iii/>

Footnote: When Ronald Reagan was elected to the US Presidency, The Economist quipped that it was amazing to see a new flock of conservatives arrive in Washington, quoting Adam Smith while obviously never having read him.

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