[MCN] Fwd: Permaculture Design Course and Alternative Technology Course (tickets available!)

Jocelyn Campbell jocecampbell at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 13:30:53 EDT 2019

A reminder for folks in Missoula that we still have tickets for these two
events coming up super soon!!

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Time flies...like a banana! It's just a few more days until Wheaton Labs'
PDC starts on June 16th; then the ATC starts on July 1st. Jocelyn and Coco
want you to know there are tickets available - what luck!

Geek out on design science and permaculture with other like-minded folks in
the PDC. Build awesome stuff while learning in the epic ATC.

Go straight here to register for either or both:

Or, find out more at the
PDC thread:  https://permies.com/wiki/100059
PDC web page:  https://richsoil.com/pdc.jsp
ATC thread:  https://permies.com/wiki/101802
ATC web page:  https://richsoil.com/atc.jsp

this is Paul Wheaton's daily-ish email that is usually about permaculture
and making a better world through learning good things rather than being
angry at bad guys. To learn more about this email (and possibly helping
with devious plots on world domination) visit http://richsoil.com/email

send gifts and post cards to paul wheaton, 2120 s reserve #351, missoula,
mt 59801


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