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Hi folks,

Just a reminder about the Fixit coach meeting tomorrow at Home ReSource in the Community Room at 4 p.m.

Please let me know if you can make it.


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> Subject: Call for Coaches for Fixit Clinics hosted by Home ReSource & MUD
> Hello Missoula!
> Do you have the skills, drive, and enthusiasm to fix things?
> Are you motivated to share your unique knowledge with those eager to learn?
> Do you want to be part of a community interested in tinkering, troubleshooting, and repair?
> Become a Fixit Coach and help people fix their broken stuff at Missoula’s Fixit Clinics! 
> Hosted by Home ReSource & MUD, this Fixit Clinic will take place during the 13th Annual MUD Project Earth Day Celebration. We are are seeking Fixit Coaches to help guide participants through the disassembly and repair process.
> Sign up to be a volunteer Fixit Coach here, or contact Noelle at noelle at homeresource.org for more info. 
> >>A Fixit Coach orientation will take place at Home ReSource on March 21st at 4:00 p.m.<<
> When is the first Fixit Clinic?
> When: Saturday, April 20th, 2019
> Where: Home ReSource Community Room
> What time: 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
> How often they will happen: Every other month, future dates TBD
> What is a Fixit Clinic?
> A Fixit Clinic is a "pop-up" activity where people bring their broken things to learn how to repair them. Many participants have never even attempted opening up something before. By sharing these skills and providing the specialty tools necessary to mend, disassemble, and restore, you can help teach critical thinking through the lens of our relationship to consumption and sustainability. Fixit Clinics strive to demystify science and technology so that we can ultimately make better policy choices as a society.
> What does a Fixit Coach do?
> Being a Fixit Coach is easy: simply provide participants with 1) encouragement to investigate their broken item and 2) guidance with tools. Be a listener more than a repairer. Let them talk about how they used the item and how it broke, this often provides valuable hints as to what's wrong. See how much you can do without actually handling the item: empower the item's owner to do the troubleshooting and disassembly. Move among items and consult with others to cross-train and maximize transfer of knowledge for everybody -- including you!
> What skills do Fixit Coaches already have?
> Typical Fixit Coach skills can include expertise in any of the following areas: small household appliances; electrical; fabric, textiles, & sewing; computers & technology; mechanical stuff (e.g. bicycles); woodworking & carpentry. Fixit Clinics are also an opportunity for coaches to crosstrain as they share their skills with and learn from other coaches.
> P.S. Check out this PBS Newshour story on Fixit Clinics.
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