[MCN] A secularist's view of the Christian environmental imperative

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PROFOUNDLY  GREEN: A secularist's perspective on
the Christian Environmental Imperative
By Lance Olsen

37 pages. I can send it as text or as attachment. Lance

Point of interest: 

  "We shall continue to have a worsening ecologic crisis
until we reject the Christian axiom that nature has no reason for
existence save to serve man."

Lynn White. "Historical roots of our ecological crisis."
Science, volume 155, pp. 1203-1207, 1967.

Interesting Counterpoint:

  "Ša man hath no preeminence above a beast; for all is vanity."

Ecclesiastes 3:19 (King James version)

Copyright © 2004 by Lance Olsen

"Finally, we are committed to a high level of 
consumption because, whether we need the goods or 
not, we very much need the employment their 
production provides."

John K. Galbraith. "How much should a country consume?"
In Jarrett, Henry (editor), Perspectives on 
Conservation. John Hopkins Press. 1958

"In an attempt to clarify the issues, first let 
us advance the following proposition: The more 
wasteful a society the greater the employment 

Kimon Valaskakis, Peter S. Sindell, J. Graham 
Smith, and Iris Fitzpatrick-Martin. The Conserver 
Society. 1970. Harper & Row.

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