[MCN] Best predictor of forest fire? Human population density

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Thu Apr 28 16:05:16 EDT 2016

"As a result of the near-saturation of the landscape, humans are 
currently responsible for igniting more than 90 percent of the 
wildfires in California."

"We can reduce our risks by disincentivizing housing development in 
fire-prone areas, better managing public land and rethinking the 
effectiveness of our current firefighting approach."

Incorporating Anthropogenic Influences into Fire Probability Models: 
Effects of Human Activity and Climate Change on Fire Activity in 
Michael L. Mann, Enric Batllori, Max A. Moritz, Eric K. Waller, Peter 
Berck, Alan L. Flint, Lorraine E. Flint, Emmalee Dolfi
Research Article | published 28 Apr 2016 | PLOS ONE (open access)

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