[MCN] Rally For Renewables: Monday in Butte

Ari LeVaux lavo at montana.com
Sun Oct 9 15:38:27 EDT 2016

REMINDER: the bus leaves at 8 am for Butte from Lewis and Clark Travel Expeditions. We couldn’t make it easier for you to come deliver an important message to NorthWestern Energy: now is the time to pivot toward renewables. 

Every dollar spent on NorthWestern Energy's proposed 13 new gas generators could and should be used to build renewable capacity instead. 

It’s shareholders want another fossil-fuel powered cash cow. We need to show the company that we want Renewables NOW. 

And we aren’t going away. 

So jump on that bus (or van, if you have child seats to attach), enjoy the sounds of Andrea Harsell and Jack Gladstone (and Missoula’s newest samba sensation BugaBugaBoom). And then listen to the wise words of some speakers who will explain the details of why this is such an important moment for Montana and the world. 

The bus returns to Missoula by 4. 

Please visit 350Montana.org <http://350montana.org/> to reserve your seat (s) on the bus (or van), and to learn more about this event. 
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