[MCN] A contest for All

Joel Baird jbaird at mcat.org
Wed Sep 14 20:38:50 EDT 2016

Dear Community Members,


Missoula Community Access Television is hosting its 5th Annual Do it in 72
(hours or less) Film Contest. Anyone or any group can submit a short film to
our contest and compete to win $500 or $300 or $100 dollars. The films have
to be 5 minutes or less and made between Friday September 30th and Monday
October 3rd. The contest is a great way to a short video done because the
deadline is so compelling. Amateurs are encouraged to try. Films can be made
on phones or ipads or tablets-it's the heart that counts.


There is no theme, but three elements have to be incorporated in each
production which won't be revealed until Friday September 30th at 5pm. All
submissions have to be received by Monday October 3rd at 5pm. The brevity is
supposed to be the fun part!


This year's judge will be Doug Hawes-Davis of High Plains Films and the Big
Sky Documentary Film Festival. Doug has a great eye for a great story
whether real or imagined. For more information about the contest consult
mcat.org or call us at 542-6228.  Yrs Joel at MCAT

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