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hello,thanks for this notice. However, this is basically an advertisement for your business I am unclear that Missoula Community NEWS is a place for this. Can someone respond to this so I understand the policy.thanks 

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 Hello! I would like to post a message on the List. Please contact me for additional information. Thank you!!-----------------
Bringing Local Meat Subscriptions to Missoula
I am excited to announce that Mountain Meat Shares is live and accepting subscriptions! This new service allows you to receive monthly subscription boxes of local meat. Know where your meat comes from!
Please take a look at our website, Mountain Meat Shares and forward this email on to your food-loving friends.

Even if you aren't ready to sign up, please subscribe to the newsletter to get updates on farm happenings, food stories and recipes. Thank you for your interest. 

Jennifer Knoetgeninfo at mountainmeatshares.com-----------------
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