[MCN] Childbloom Guitar Program instructor position opening

Nathan Zavalney nathan at missoulachildbloom.com
Tue Jul 10 14:25:48 EDT 2018

Missoula Childbloom Guitar Program is seeking a part-time guitar instructor
to work with children ages 5-12 and their parents. The initial commitment
will be 12-14 teaching hours per week Monday through Thursday between
3:00-7:30 pm with a starting date ASAP between July 1st and mid-August, and
a student roster of 50+ students. The hourly wage will start at $22
(potentially higher DOE). This position is opportunity to have your work be
based around playing music with children and mentoring young musicians in a
positive, supportive environment.

Applicants must have skill with fingerstyle/classical guitar, music reading
skills, and experience working with children in an educational capacity.
Applicants who are not well versed in in classical guitar technique will
still be considered if they have sufficient experience in working with
children. Musical training will be provided by employer. Childbloom teachers
must be able to communicate effectively and confidently with parents and
students and demonstrate knowledge of guitar technique and musical concepts.
Emotional intelligence, empathy, knowledge of child-development, and strong
communication skills are crucial to this position, and will be given as much
weight as musical background in the hiring process. A new instructor will be
required to apply for and be granted a national Childbloom teacher's license
(with help by the employer), and go through teacher training in Missoula
immediately after hiring. Teachers will be expected to commit to two years
of teaching, and will agree not to teach guitar to students age 5-12 outside
the Childbloom Program.

As an instructor at the Missoula Childbloom Guitar Program you will be part
of a long established, well-respected music school, doing work that directly
impacts young peoples lives in a positive way, as well as being certified
with a nationally recognized teaching program. You will earn a high hourly
wage with a small weekly time commitment and few responsibilities outside
your teaching time. Marketing, scheduling, finances, event organizing, and
teaching space maintenance are taken care of by the program staff, leaving
you time for other work and activities. Find out more about the program at
www.missoulachildbloom.com <http://www.missoulachildbloom.com> . To apply
please e-mail a resume and cover letter to nathan at missoulachildbloom.com


Nathan Zavalney


Childbloom Guitar Program


nathan at missoulachildbloom.com <mailto:nathan at missoulachildbloom.com> 

www.missoulachildbloom.com <http://www.missoulachildbloom.com> 

2309 South Grant Street

Missoula MT, 59801



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