[MCN] Help ensure a great Higgins Bridge rebuild! Tues, Wilma

mist at strans.org mist at strans.org
Mon Jan 28 19:49:25 EST 2019

MDT Open House for Higgins Ave. Bridge @ The Wilma
Tuesday, January 29th from 3pm-7pm

Be involved in redesigning the Higgins Bridge! MIST is ensuring the  
new bridge will be great for all modes of transportation. We are  
hopeful the new deck can be retrofitted for a conversion to two  
travels lanes, cycletracks, and wide walkways.

More info:
MDT plans to rebuild the Higgins Bridge deck in 2020 with a combined  
bikeway and walkway on both sides... We anticipate conflict between  
people walking and people biking with the combined pathway. There is  
also considerable interest and support for making the 4-lane Hip Strip  
a safer and more efficient 3-lane (one travel lane in each direction  
with a center turn lane). This potential lane conversion would make it  
possible for bikeways to be added to the Hip Strip (Higgins between  
3rd and Brooks).

With a reconfigured Hip Strip, the Higgins Bridge would only need two  
travel lanes (one in each direction) for motor vehicles.

MIST, along with others, sees the strong potential to change the  
outside travel lanes on the new Higgins deck into separated bikeways,  
or cycle tracks. This would give dedicated bike space, make the  
walkways safer and still keep adequate car flow.

Make your voice heard at the Wilma Theater open house, or learn more/  
send a comment at:


Thanks for your interest,
-Bob Giordano, MIST, mist at strans.org

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