[MCN] 3 young women get hate, threats of death and rape for climate activism

Lance Olsen lance at wildrockies.org
Fri Jul 12 16:47:51 EDT 2019

"We learned how these young women have coordinated their efforts from separate countries, and how they’ve dealt with patronising politicians who seem to care more about empty classrooms than the continued warming of the planet and the many problems that will cause. We also saw how these smart women, who have been thrust into the public eye, have had to put up with a load of shit. "Of course I receive tons of hate," Greta told us. "There are people who spend all their time trying to spread rumours and lies, and leave out information. They are treating Luisa very badly, making up rumours about her, and I think that’s absurd."

"'No one can prepare you for all the hate you receive,' Luisa told us. 'Someone uploaded each photo on my Instagram account to Twitter and calculated my apparent C02 footprint because I've flown on planes in the past, and a lot of it was wrong. It makes you feel a bit naked, because you know people are trying to find stuff about you that’s not true, but you have no way to interfere.'

"The abuse these young women have received goes a lot further than just trolling. 'I get a lot of online death threats, and people saying they are going to rape me and stuff – it’s really bad,' Anuna told us. 'It's so sad people are trying to find something to hate on because they don't want to open their eyes to what we’re actually doing.'

"Despite all the hate, Greta, Anuna and Luisa are all staying remarkably positive. 'It's a good sign that people see us as a threat,' Greta said. 'I think it's a sign that something is happening in the debate.'"

Watch Our New Film About the Climate Strikes, 'Make the World Greta Again'

VICE takes a behind-the-scenes look at 16-year-old Greta Thunberg and other young protest organisers as they orchestrate their first global climate strike.

By VICE Staff <https://www.vice.com/en_uk/contributor/vice-staff-de>
24 May 2019, 6:03am
https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/vb9zpb/watch-our-new-film-about-the-climate-strikes-make-the-world-greta-again <https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/vb9zpb/watch-our-new-film-about-the-climate-strikes-make-the-world-greta-again>

“That social influences shape every person’s practices, judgments and beliefs is a truism to which anyone will readily assent."

“How, and to what extent, do social forces constrain people’s opinions and attitudes? This question is especially pertinent in our day.”

Solomon E. Asch. Opinions and Social Pressure.

Scientific American. November 1955


“Thirty-five years ago, Yale psychologist Irving Janis published an essay in the Yale Alumni Magazine explaining how a group of intelligent people working together to solve a problem can sometimes arrive at the worst possible answer.”

"Members consider loyalty to the group the highest form of morality.”

“Nobody today says, My area is groupthink. But what emerged subsequent to groupthink was an area called "judgment and decision making," which is one of the most important areas in all of psychology. In fact Danny Kahneman won the 2002 Nobel Prize based on his research into how rational people make irrational decisions.

Philip Zimbardo '59PhD
Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University


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