[MCN] Free Technology Education/Consulting for Missoula Nonprofits

Smai Fullerton shfullerton at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 00:16:38 EDT 2019

Hi there,

My name is Smai and I'm on a mission to connect tech professionals in
Missoula with opportunities to serve our incredible community.

*The Missoula Tech community is offering a free 5-week, one evening a week,
training on technology and/or computer programming for nonprofits.*

Our vision is to pair an experienced software engineer/web developer/tech
professional with 2-3 employees from nonprofit organizations to either a.)
design and implement a technology solution that will solve a problem your
organization faces, b.) educate and empower employees to "fish" and build a
small foundation to do more technical work themselves, or c.) a mixture of
the two!

Projects can be anything from creating automated Excel sheets, to learning
how to manage your website content, to setting up a database, to
integrating a donation system to your website... really anything you can
think of that we can help you with. There are more examples in the link

*You can think of it as 15 free hours of consulting, or 15 free hours of
technical education *that will help empower the people at your org's helm
to make your systems work better. For us, it's 15 hours of community
service. Win win.

*Please fill out this form to indicate your interest.

Right now we're doing research on what needs are out there, so any
information you can provide (even if you don't want to commit just yet)
will help inform the structure and offerings.

I'm also available by phone or for an in-person meeting if you'd prefer.

*Please feel free to spread the word wide and fear! *
Smai Fullerton
Senior Software Engineer @ Workiva
shfullerton at gmail.com
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