[MCN] Seeking housing

Shannon Parry shannon.parry.13 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 12:39:51 EDT 2019


I am writing to see if any MCN members have any housing available. I am not
in immediate need of housing but want to see if there's anything out there.
I am in my mid-twenties and I have been employed steadily since my
graduation from UM in 2016. I am currently supervising a software team here
in Missoula. I work Fri-Tue (more than full time) and keep to myself.

I have two adult dogs. The older is about 10 years old and the younger is
about 2. Both quiet and well behaved. With this in mind, it would be ideal
to have a yard or at least access to a shared yard.

Thanks in advance for any leads,

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