[MCN] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: YWCA Talks Sexism and Racism in the 2016 Election

Ari Laurel alaurel at ywcaofmissoula.org
Mon Oct 10 17:23:18 EDT 2016

Hello, below is our press release for our upcoming event at the YWCA.


CONTACT: Ari Laurel, alaurel at ywcaofmissoula.org<mailto:alaurel at ywcaofmissoula.org> (543-6691)
SUBJECT: "YWTalk: Sexism and Racism in the 2016 Election"

MISSOULA - The impact of racism and sexism in the 2016 Presidential campaign is an issue on many voters' minds this year. Both candidates have sparked dialogue on prejudice and American identity, and the conversation is far from over.
The evening after the third and final presidential debate, YWTalks will debut again this fall with a panel to discuss racism and sexism in this year's election. This panel will feature speakers representing both Missoula County Democrats and Missoula Republicans, as well as Alissa Snow from Western Native voice.
Joining the panel as a moderator is Lee Banville, who is an associate professor at the University Of Montana School Of Journalism. He has worked for 13 years at PBS News Hour and is the author of "Debating Our Destiny: Presidential Debate Moments that Shaped History."
YWCA Missoula invites the public join us, Thursday, October 20 at 4:00 PM in the YWCA Center room at 1130 W. Broadway St. Please RSVP on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/1816361795274785/) or call 543-6691, as there will be limited space.


Founded in 1911, YWCA Missoula is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.  Learn more at www.ywcaofmissoula.org<http://www.ywcaofmissoula.org>.

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